Need Money? Too sick to work?

When you are sick, getting a job is the last thing you can do. Some days it is too much to take a shower and feed yourself. But if you are too sick to work, buying toiletries and food can become next to impossible.

Share Your Mold Story

Who hears the voice of the sick?

Sick people are trapped in their homes, barely able to make it to the bathroom, writhing in pain, starving for food, attention, money and companionship. These mold injured people are too sick to work.

Doctors say there is nothing wrong.

When doctors don’t believe you, friends and family believe the doctors. You become the outsider, the faker, the whiner. People whisper, “Did you hear, the hospital said it’s all in her head!” Friends and family turn their backs on you. It’s true. It happened to me.

I am so grateful for the friends and family who stuck by us and I forgive the ones who didn’t. Mold is greatly misunderstood. It is widely believed that mold can’t make you sick. Which is utterly ridiculous.

My family and I saw 5 veterinarians and dozens of doctors during the four and a half years we lived in a home where toxic mold was hidden behind the tub wall.

I had one doctor who wanted my son to get counseling because they thought his sickness was all in his head. I had two doctors threaten to put me in jail for seeking and insisting upon adequate treatment for my son. I didn’t give up.

When my son had been acutely ill for 9 months, I decided to test for mold with a home vacuum test called the ERMI. The scale went from negative ten to twenty. Our test came back a 20.3. I was advised that the ERMI test is not conclusive but if anyone is sick, get out and take NOTHING with you.

If you have been injured by mold or you know someone who has… you may know what it’s like to lose all your belongings, your home, your car, your pets, your friends and family.

Mold injured people need help!

I hear desperation in too many voices, public posts, emails and private messages. I have known people who ended their lives because they saw no other way. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

We can set up a fundraiser in your name, with your story, pictures and any info you can share with the world about how mold affected your life, your health, your family, and your ability to provide for yourself.

In turn, your story can help people identify mold as a potential cause of their health problems. Few people realize how sick mold really can make you.

When my family was sick and I suspected mold, I called the New York State Department of Health and they told me mold only causes allergies and asthma. Not the more serious health problems we were facing on a daily basis.

Someone needs to get the word out to the public that mold CAN make you sick. Mold can cause other sicknesses to be more debilitating OR it can be the main cause of illness.

Money is needed to get you over that hump to where you are feeling better. You need money to eat healthy, buy supplements, live in safe housing and find medical help. I would like to raise enough money to make a real difference in your life.

I need your help!

In order to get the most out of your fundraiser, share your page on facebook, twitter, forums and where ever else you can share it. Ask your friends to share your page on their social networking pages.

Give a man a fish he will eat for a day,
teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.

When you are feeling better, you will have more energy and you won’t have to rely on fundraisers anymore. As a matter of fact, I am relying on you to get better so you can start donating to other people who need money and cannot work.

You can do it!
I believe in you!
You have to believe in yourself!

2 Thoughts on “Need Money? Too sick to work?

  1. Susie M on January 7, 2014 at 12:30 pm said:

    I have had my doublewide on 5 acres for 8 years now – I suffer from acute migraines and deep, deep depression, diagnosed bi-ploar 2 (much more down than up) and my Dr. described my symptoms on a form as severe dibilitating anxiety – neurovegetative states.

    The heating system is blown hot air – very drying -very noisy -and the vents and ducts are full of dust and debris – I have no money, and have not worked in 3 years – I keep trying to apply for SSDI – but am too ill to get my paperwork together. There are many days that I cannot get out of bed. Taking a shower is a big goal – I often only manage it before a Dr. appointment or when I get desperate for food. I have gone 2 weeks without one before. I used to take up to 3 per day in the height of the summer.

    I used to be full of energy – I used to do 3 jobs – now I can barely get out of my recliner.
    In November I was hospitalized for suicide prevention – 10 days, lockdown, no sharps, no ties, no buckles, no pen caps, no laces – checks every 15 minutes – photo surveilance etc. Yet I felt much more healthy there, than I did at home. Since I came home from the hospital, I have had almost constant sinus infections and my depression has worsened.
    A few years ago, there was a leak in the pipe to the outside spigot – a friend replaced the section of pipe, and left the ‘belly’ of insulation open to dry out – I fear that mold may have started there.

    I have 40% equity in this property, but am 7 months behind on the mortgage due to my illnesses – I cannot work – I cannot get it together to get the paperwork together to get my application for disability through – I’ve missed several deadlines through being so ill. I live alone and have no family in this country. I have become so isolated and am desperately lonely, depressed, constantly tearful, and just so afraid of what I might do. I need help – not just talk help – but someone to come in and help me with these papers so I can get some welfare or SSDI – maybe weatherization to replace the insulation under the trailer – I don’t know – my brain is foggy – I’m on a lot of meds – I forget things – important things – like filing papers – following thru on claims – please help me
    I am in Vermont – just outside the city of Rutland

    • Mold Helper on January 13, 2014 at 5:51 pm said:

      Susie, thank you for sharing your story.

      We are quite close… I am sending you an email.

      Let’s see if we can get you some help.

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