Share Your Mold Story

Have you been sick for years?

Been through the ringer with doctors and government agencies?

Perhaps your doctors are treating symptoms instead of looking for the cause?

That was what happened to me.

20 years of treating pain, inflammation, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, migraines, brain fog, dyslexia, throwing up, high liver enzymes, low white blood cell count… the list goes on and on.

The cause… mold and other toxins. But toxic mold was a major factor.

Toxins… get them out of the body and you can be well again!

My family was living in a house with toxic black mold (a.k.a Stachybotrys) for over 4 years. We all had symptoms… but they were all different. Even the dog was sick.

We are all well now… and that is what I want for you.

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2 Thoughts on “Share Your Mold Story

  1. Wrote this book about our 2000 plus docket legal case, something most with mold issues never see, the legal side. Noted are all the illnesses, losing the home, etc. but this is unique as people can see what extent the “system” fights what what obvious.

    This book profiles an actual legal battle from our suffering from mold, over 2000 docket entries and 5 years later.. This should give all a “fresh” perspective to mold victims how bad the system is.


  2. Hi there. I’m John Ward, a representative for Mold Busters, the mold removal experts. I’m wondering if the moderator or visitors of this site would be interested in joining the Mold Awareness Community Mold Busters has established on Google+. I stumbled across your site and I’m so pleased to see you’re helping get the word out on the hazardous effects of mold. We’d love if you could join the community and help us build. This is the link to the community: You’ll also find the Mold Busters official site in the website box. We commit to providing the most accurate, reliable and valuable information to people and their families, to help protect them against mold and other air pollutants. We’d love to connect on Google+! Thanks,
    John & the Mold Busters team

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