Mold Support

What does Mold Support mean?

Mold makes some people very, very sick. When someone is lying in bed sick, unable to cook, clean and take care of themselves, they need support. If their house is what is making them sick, they need safe haven to live in, temporarily or long term.

Many people don’t know that mold can make people so sick they barely know their own name, never mind have the ability to cook meals, take supplements and do what it takes to get well.

Who helps when people are this sick?

Who finds them a safe, warm place with toxin free everything?

Did you know that many modern building materials and chemicals used in building homes are enough to make a sick person even sicker?

Ever look into building a green home?

It’s not cheap.

Who supports the homeless…

the sick…

the children with sick mothers…

  1. Get out of the mold
  2. Have a safe place to go
  3. Take nothing with you
  4. New, safe bedding, clothes and necessities (minimalistic)
  5. Air cleaners, HEPA vacuum, ozone blaster for car
  6. Sauna for detox
  7. Supplements and a plan customized to your needs
  8. Whole organic food, delivered and prepared
  9. A juicer
  10. Testing and follow up appointments in a timely manner
  11. Someone to do light cleaning, help with daily tasks

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