if Anyone is Sick Get Out and Take NOTHING

If you are sick in a home, a work place or a school… and you feel better when you are away from there… you may be sick from mold. Some people are so sick that it takes a long time to feel better away from the toxic place.

I was sick for 18 months… AFTER I got out of the toxic home. My son was noticeably better in just 4 days out of the toxic home and back to a normal life in 4 months.

Granted there are other toxins that cause sickness. I no longer believe in mysterious diagnoses with no cause and no cure. Those are pharmaceutical inventions… and 95% of the doctors out there are drug pushers with a license to kill.

If your mold test comes back negative or low: Question the test and test again.

Don’t rule out formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, VOC’s, natural gas, asbestos, radon or your drinking water. The point is, if you suspect your environment is making you sick, you are probably right. If you are sick, your environment is likely contributing! Look around you! Find the poisons.

Consider your food as contributing to your lack of health, too.

Mold is a big reason many people are sick. Some estimates say 50% of the buildings in America are moldy enough to make someone sick. Chronic, long term exposure is causing a lot of premature deaths.

Most doctor’s don’t have mold in their knowledge base. Because of that, most people realize how serious a mold problem is. Since the 1970’s the trend has been to plug every hole in the houses that we live in. Make them air tight because the price of heat is going sky high.

Our houses are now trapping in the poisons that are in our air. 85,000 chemicals are used in the products that are sold in stores… and most of those have never been tested for safety. If you have mold because of a water leak, past or present… there are toxic molds that makes poisons called mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are used in biowarfare. To kill.

Some people get sicker than others. Some have bigger exposures, some are genetically more susceptible, some stay in it longer, whatever the variable that makes some people sick and some people not so sick, it is important to take the sick person out of the environment that you or they suspect is keeping them sick. Some people who were poisoned badly by mold, start to get very sick from even small amounts of mold.

If ANYONE is sick… suspect the home.

If the home is sick, the belongings are carriers!

Anything you take with you can cross-contaminate the place you are going to and make it so you are getting just as sick in the NEW place as you did in the old place.

This means take nothing!!! And scrub your hair and body good too. I added grapefruit seed extract to my shampoo, body soap and the dog’s shampoo.

Take any clothes that were from the old place and place them in plastic bags. You or a friend wash them in 1-2 cups of ammonia without detergent.

I was told by a toxicologist that ammonia alone is the only thing we found that seems to kill mold and neutralize mycotoxins. I have no way to test for mycotoxins… I just know that I felt fine around my clothes that had been washed properly with ammonia. One time, my daughter added detergent and I was getting sick around the clothes.

Make sure the laundry goes in NEW plastic bags that did not come from your old house. We used grocery store, plastic bags… new ones. We only brought enough clothes for a few days because when we moved out it was a test to see if we would get better.

The only shoes we took with us were plastic flip flops.

My pocketbook stayed in my van. I stayed away from my van because that was making me sick. Cars get contaminated too!

Stay in a safe room… and detox.

Treat this move as if your life depends on it because it very well could.

2 Thoughts on “if Anyone is Sick Get Out and Take NOTHING

  1. Mandy Myers on June 21, 2013 at 3:36 pm said:

    I often visit this site while I am still searching for answers. It has been a little over a year since I left the place I lived in for over a decade. Everything went into a dumpster. Years worth of school work and pictures, most of my daughter’s younger years. I let Shauna go live with my brother after frequent trips to the doctor’s, the emergency room, counselors, etc…She is better, thank God. She has none of symptoms she had while in the apartment owned by HUD. It was hell staying there, no car for most of the time while stuck in a place where I kept getting sicker, and the docs kept handing me different medications. No one would listen me. I went to the Health Inspector of Keene NH and gave him a copy of the professional mold tests I had done to the apartment showing toxic levels of various types of molds, the worse ones, he did nothing. He wanted a copy of it, he was very persistent on getting a copy, and said he would call Keene Housing Authority, but I was no sooner moved out when they had another family moved in. I called the HUD office in Boston. That man was rude, did not listen and told me never to call him again. I am still seeing different doctors, to many symptoms to list. I still don’t have transportation. That was the worse. I knew I felt better when I left, and I tried to, but when I was so sick and tired all the time it made it hard even to go for walks. Day after day for so long I just wished it would all end. When I moved in there I was working full time, going to school, we had a vehicle, and less than a couple of years later, I was approved for disability, still living on less that $700 a month, with no way to save for a car, thank God I have an air mattress to sleep on now, and I am still working on getting clothes a little bit at a time. I have added some all natural medicines to try to get my health back, some days I am hopeful, some days I am so tired I fell like a waste. I pray to God I can find a way to get back my health so I can find someway to function. It is very lonely and when no one listens, my family has turned their backs, it makes me feel it is me.

    • Mandy, your story is so familiar to me. Keep doing what you are doing. I know the doctors, Health Departments and government agencies are not listening now – and I believe the day is fast approaching when they will have no choice but to listen to the people who have been injured by mold. You were right to move out, and it was wrong to move another family in there. I pray for their health and safety. Unfortunately, until mold is recognized as the killer it is, there will be many more like us. (((hugs))) It does get better. My family and I were severely injured by mold and we are 100% well again. I hope that helps you to see there is hope. Please, reach out to someone who is well for help in getting there yourself.

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