Our Goal for Your Fundraiser = $5,000

Mold Support is here for all the people who have been and continue to be affected financially by mold and mycotoxin poisoning.  People continue to live in their moldy homes because they cannot afford to move. The longer you stay, the sicker you get.  For some people, it is impossible to work when you are sick with mold.  Try proving a disability case when there are two papers stating that mold does not make people sick.

Mold injured people need money to move, see doctors, for medicines, supplements, food and even gas money.  When you have ZERO income, and you are too sick to function, even the smallest things seem impossible. Money is something that can change a sick person’s life and help them get well again.

If a person who is poisoned by mold stays and gets poisoned more, they can die.  Helping mold poisoned people find safe homes is easier said than done.  Once you are poisoned, you can become sensitive to everything around you.  Poisons are in our daily use items like shampoo, perfume, make-up, lotions, cleaning products, and even our food is poisoned.

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Asking for blood from a stone does not work too well. In the support groups where mold injured people are searching for help, they can get plenty of emotional help and advice from others who have experienced mold poisoning. Most sick people are struggling to survive. They have no money to give.

When my son was at his sickest, the Whitehall Elks, my friend Tammy and a lot of other people, raised about $5,000 for him to get well. The first thing we did was test our house for mold… The first test was $300. The second was $1,725. We were told by both labs and an environmental specialist that our home was uninhabitable. The worst they had ever seen.

Sick people are getting poisoned every day because they don’t have any money. They stay in their homes, many will die if we don’t help them to get out.

Being homeless and sick is expensive!

We had to throw away much of what we owned.  2 large dumpsters of stuff got hauled away.  The rest of our stuff went into storage.  We moved out of our home with nothing but a couple of night’s clothes… those we washed in 1-2 cups of ammonia. We took nothing from our home! This is because cross-contamination can KEEP YOU SICK. If you move out of your moldy home and take your moldy stuff… you will have mold in your new home.

We were homeless for 10 months, living between motel rooms and tents with a family of 4 and a dog.

We filed a claim with our insurance company and we were denied. We looked for a lawyer to take our case and we did not find one. We decided to fix the house ourselves rather than fight with the insurance company.

Mold remediation cost us more than $20,000. It could have been less if we had not made so many mistakes. It could have been a lot more if we were not so careful.

My goal is to raise $5,000 per family.  This is the amount that helped us to get out of the mold and start our path to wellness. Without that $5K push… we might have died in that very moldy house.

Please, take some time to read the stories of the mold injured. They are real people, suffering and dying because of mold. Mold can make you sick. The mold poisoned are everywhere.

On the right side of this page, look for “Mold Injured Who Need Support.” You will see the names of the mold injured who have submitted their stories. Some need financial support, some may need emotional support. These are real people who have gotten sick because of mold.

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