Re-Shelter -housing for mold injured and MCS

On Reshelter’s website, their tagline is: “transforming the homes, health & lives of people with environmental intolerances” There is a ton of good information on the Re|Shelter facebook group as well as their website.

The Safe Oasis Grant program awarded $13,500 to 7 applicants in 2012. I knew a few of those people and this money really helped them to get back on their feet!

Wouldn’t it be great if even more people could be awarded grants to help with safe housing.

Environmentally injured homelessness is a silent epidemic.
Not by choice… by necessity.

My family and myself were made ill by toxic mold in our home and we had to live between motel rooms and tents for over 10 months while we searched for safe housing.

Being homeless is one step above living in mold. I felt like our choice was between homelessness and death. We chose to be homeless with two adults, two kids and a dog. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. At times, it was Really difficult.

A fundraiser was the reason we took the leap and left. If it were not for the fundraiser that was done for my family, we may have never seen a way to get out of that house.

It literally saved our lives.

Before we moved out, my son was eleven years old and sick every day… and only getting worse for the past 9 months. Four days after we got out, he started to improve.

My whole family was sick to some extent… and it was more obvious when we got out of the house how sick we really were. Some of the symptoms were: hair falling out, thyroid problems, liver problems, pain all over, dyslexia, asthma, allergies, nosebleeds, seizures, weakness, disabling fatigue, rashes, fungal nails, alzheimer-like behavior and symptoms of a heart attack.

This may seem dramatic to someone who has not watched their family become ill from toxic mold. If you have lived through this, you may understand. If you have made it to the other side and you are not safe and living with some level of comfort, perhaps you could spare $5 a month or more to give toward those less fortunate.


One Thought on “Re-Shelter -housing for mold injured and MCS

  1. Kim Dinehart on August 23, 2014 at 6:17 pm said:

    How do you apply for these types of grants? I am a single mom with 5 kids and going to be evicted from an apartment. I need a bigger home. A safe home!!! I have been running from mold for two years now! My husband, soon to be ex …. Cross contaminates us on almost a daily basis! I spend most of my disability feeding us and replacing just the tiny things and vitamins to keep us a float! They just took my car! I need 600.00 to get it back! I am failing my children and I am very scared! I have been through 5 CPS investigations in one year!!! Got an apology from all but the last! I was low on food. So I have a case open. Doing very well! I’m scared to tell themi lost my car:+( please help me… I’m scared and no where to go or to turn too…

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