Mold keeps woman confined to her tent

I have said it before and I’ll say it again… being homeless is one step above living in mold. So here is a story of a woman who is confined to her tent because of mold. I say this is far more common than most people would think.

My family was homeless for 10 months because of mold. We lived between motel rooms and tents. Whatever we kept from the moldy house was put in storage.

Somebody who is not aware of the damage mold can do to a family may be thinking.  Everyone has mold.  It’s silly to run from a little mold.  Who would abandon their home because of mold.  Just clean it up. Clean it up with a bleach and paint it with Kilz.

Bleach and Kilz Do Not Get Rid of Mold

They mask the problem… and make it worse.

Bleach cuts off the top of the mold spore, while the root continues to grow underneath the surface.  It’s kind of like mowing your lawn and cutting off the tops of dandelions… they are hidden for a while, but they will come back.

Kilz may mask the problem for a while, but it actually feeds the mold.  According to a research project – Mold Growth on Gypsum Wallboard, “The Kilz performance was not even as good as the acrylic/latex or oil-based paint.”

I’d Rather Live in a Tent Than Die in Mold

My son was so sick when we lived in that moldy house, he would probably be dead if we had stayed.  We all might have died.  Our lives hinged on finding out about the mold.  That’s why I made this site… I want to make sure other people consider mold may be causing their illness. Mold can cause many different symptoms.

My son had seizures, facial tics, whole body convulsions, he would fall down walking, he had short term memory loss, extreme fatigue, spontaneous bruising, muscle wasting, trouble keeping food down, extremely low white blood cell counts, thick, dark blood and more.  He was eleven… and he looked eighty years old.

Some molds make mycotoxins… and the mycotoxins can kill you.  It is a slow death and most likely will be diagnosed as something besides mold.

Read more on the Stages of Mycotoxicosis: For Inhalation of Mycotoxin

Mold was hidden in our walls behind the tub in the second floor bathroom.  You never would have seen it or smelled it because we had a fiberglass tub… we couldn’t see it until we took that tub out.

When we tested the dust and the air, the mold counts we found were higher than the labs we used had ever seen. We were advised to GET OUT.  So we decided to give it a try.

Take NOTHING with you

If you or a family member are sick and you suspect mold, one way to test your theory is to get out and take nothing with you.   This is harder than you think because even YOU are contaminated with toxic mold and mycotoxins.

We stopped at a laundromat and washed enough clothes for a few days for each of us. We washed each load with 2 cups of ammonia and NO LAUNDRY DETERGENT. The ammonia kills mold and neutralizes mycotoxins but if you use laundry detergent, the ammonia does not work as well. Then, we put those clothes in NEW plastic grocery bags that did not come from our home.

We were in the motel room for four days when my son’s health started to improve.  There were very noticeable and welcome changes. He started to play.  Most kids play every day… and playing is natural.  But when you are sick, really sick… you don’t play anymore.  He hadn’t played in almost a year. So seeing him playing if only for 15 minutes at a time, told me that getting out was the best thing we could have done.




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  1. Please help this Mother and her children. Her story is all too real for many of us. If one person can get help we are one step further for the rest of us. Donate anything you can.

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