How to Maintain SSI and Benefit from a Fundraiser

According to How to Maintain SSI Benefits to Ensure Medicaid Coverage:
In order to be eligible for SSI, a person must be aged, blind or disabled, and must meet income and resource tests. If a person exceeds the income and/or resource test, s/he will be ineligible for SSI and lose SSI-related Medicaid benefits.

Lets face it. SSI Benefits are barely enough to live on.

I often hear that an individual does not want to do a fundraiser because they might lose their SSI benefits that they fought so hard to get.

A person who is chronically ill due to mold poisoning or environmental illness needs more than just the bare essentials in order to get well.

They need:

  • supplements
  • air purifiers
  • natural antifungals
  • detoxing
  • binders
  • dehumidifiers
  • gas for their car so they can get to doctor’s appointments
  • organic food and personal products
  • masks to protect themselves from toxins
  • and much more

According to the document on How to Maintain SSI Benefits fundraisers are virtually the same as gifts. If the fundraiser is more than $2,000 than the person will become ineligible for SSI.

One strategy for preserving SSI eligibility is to place the proceeds in a special needs trust. See a lawyer experienced in this area for more on this topic.

This excerpt about PASS accounts is also from the document. I suggest seeing a legal aid lawyer if you are going to do anything like this:

If you are in need of a fundraiser and you are currently receiving SSI for your disability or you are in the process of applying for SSI… let us know your situation so we can help you without losing your SSI and medicaid benefits.

At this time, we are only doing fundraisers using other people’s paypal accounts. So, if you have a friend who will collect the money for you and then get you the items you need or buy you gift cards for your gas and other essential items, that will work.

We have sent gift cards, set up Amazon wish lists, supplements, and other needed items to families. There are ways around the limits of SSI!

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