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Toxic Mold Symptoms

It’s not all in your head!

You may feel like you are losing your mind.
Not everyone gets sick the same way
Some people seem completely unharmed by mold

Mold makes me sick!

24 % of people are unable to detox mold
Overwhelmed… when it used to be easy?
Feeling down… disjointed?
Feel like you are having a heart attack?
Headaches that stop your life?

Extreme Fatigue

Not ABLE to do normal activities
Sleep all day… still tired
Blaming it all on stress?
Stabbing Pain on the right side (Liver)

Feel like you are getting old?

Arthritic Hands (Toxins in Joints)
Pain in Ears
Hearing Loss
Hearing Sensitivities
Ringing in Ears

Unable to regulate Body Temperature

Cold (or Hot)
Stomach, Digestive Problems
Where did my memory go?

Toxic Mold Could Be Making You Sick!

Some become hypersensitive to toxins (MCS)
A static shock can be a sign of mold!
Low ADH – causes frequent electrical shocks
Thirsty all the time
Easily Angered
Easily Bruised

Unexplainable Pain

We love our children…
When they are sick, we want to protect them
Moldy homes, schools and food
Allergies and Asthma?
Kids sick all the time?

Kids should not be sick!

Health Departments are Denying People Get Sick From Mold!
Kids Develop Learning Disabilities
RashesMore tired than usual
Sinus Infections
Bloody Noses
Some People LOSE Weight
Can’t gain weight… in toxic mold
Some People Gain Weight
Can’t lose weight… in toxic mold
Most Doctors Don’t Know Anything
About Mold Illness and Environmental Illness
Doctors say… Take a Pill

Pure and Natural Food
and Natural Supplements Can Help

Thanks to MoldSupport.org
and freedigitalphotos.net for this video

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