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Dr. Jack Thrasher on Mold, Bacteria and Mycotoxins

Presentation by Dr. Jack Thrasher
Toxicologist and Injured Worker Advocate

Transcribed for the hearing impaired

(speaking) Dr Jack Thrasher:
“What he said is true, but I want to correct one thing for the record. Everybody keeps talking about mold being a problem. When we get into a water damaged building, whether it be a school, a house or a building, there’s more than mold present. We have a variety of species of fungi is what I refer to them as. But also, there are bacteria that are almost as dangerous if not more dangerous than the fungi. And the bacteria consists of two groups. What we call gram negative and gram positive. The gram negative bacteria are pathogenic. The gram positive bacteria include a whole group called Actinomyces and the Actinomyces produce toxins that are more toxic than the mycotoxins that are produced by the mold or the fungi.

So what we are dealing with is a very complex indoor environment that is impinging upon the human being and that environment. Therefore the immune system gets busy and doesn’t know what it is doing to fight off and the people wind up being shifted into what we call a chronic inflammatory disease syndrome. The immune system has shifted over to try to correct this situation but it has shifted over to where it begins attacking it’s own body with it’s cytocines and hormones that the immune system produces and causes general inflammation. Now the general inflammation involves the brain so they get into neurocognitive deficites, it involves the lungs so they get into respiratory distress, it involves the muscles so they lose muscle tone, a whole variety so it just infects the whole organ.

I am going to talk about five cases that I am involved in and we are writing the research papers on and what happened.

The first one is a 65 day old infant that died. The infant died of what they call a Rye’s Syndrome. Rye’s Syndrome is a general deterioration of the body, particularly the brain and the liver. And the child was born into a home that had water damage. Conceived and then born into the home. The child was born in the hospital in respiratory distress and was stabilized and sent home. And within 65 days back to the hospital a couple of times. Within 65 days died. Suddenly died. We got involved in the case because we were called in as experts in the case. And what we did was we took autopsy materials and we actually took live tissue materials, muscle and connective tissue before the infant died. We studied them. One thing we found is the infant had what we call mitochondrial damage. Mitochondria are the little organelles in the body that produce the energy we need to do the work with. The Mitochondria were so damaged that they were not functioning so the child really had an energy deficit. The other thing we did is we took the tissues and we looked for and we identified both aspergillus species in the child’s tissues and we also identified aflotoxins and tricothecene mycotoxins in the tissues. Then we took the mother and we took her breast milk. And guess what? We found the mycotoxins in the breast milk. So now this child was exposed in utero and post utero and died as result of Rye’s Syndrome. Now what happened to that case? It got settled out of court. Alrighty? And what they did was they locked up all the information but they are not going to prevent me like they are trying to prevent Sharon from writing the truth. We are writing this paper up and it will be published. And we have identified all that.

The next case is a lady by name… who worked in a building on the east coast. She started to work, she was healthy. ok. By the way, these people are not immune suppressed, ok? These people are normal healthy individuals. She worked in a building with water damage. She went to work and slowly began not feeling well and developed some rashes on her skin, etc. Goes to her doctor, the doctor says you need to see an allergist. She goes to an allergist and guess what, she has suddenly developed allergies to aspergillus, penicillium and a few other molds. She slowly got worse. She started developing headaches, lost her vision, they decided after losing her vision they better do an MRI on her to see what was going on and they found a mass in her Sphenoid sinus and Ethnoid sinus. Then they go in and they do a biopsy. It comes back, she has a neuroblastoma. Now the husband happens to be a microbiologist. He looks at the same slides the pathologist is looking at and says I see fungal hyphae in here. There is something going on. I think this is a fungal infection of the sinuses. Not a neuroblastoma. The pathologist, there were 6 different pathologists involved, 6 different pathologic examinations, all 6 pathologists came up with a different diagnosis. None of them came up with fungus being the source. She got treated with chemotherapy, followed by radiation treatment, and then surgery to remove the mass out of the sinus and we have a series of MRIs showing that the mass in that sinus never changed with all the treatment. After she had the surgery, they opened up the sinus, she started blowing her nose, she got fungi out of her nasal cavity. Needless to say she got involved with Dr. Shoemaker on the east coast, who then sent her to Dr. Grey in Benson, AZ. Dr. Shoemaker does not use anti-fungals in his treatment program, Dr. Grey does. Dr. Gray puts her on antifungal and we have the current MRIs and guess what, her sinuses are clear. And she is fairly healthy but unfortunately she is brain damaged to a slight extent, she has respiratory damage, she has muscle weakness, etc, etc. Now here is a case, an absolute misdiagnosis by pathologists who refused to listen to the husband who said, I think I see mold, here is the reason why. That’s a horrible tragic case.

This is the 7:00 minute mark.

To continue reading the transcription of this video, here is part 2.

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